The starting shot of the counterattack to suffocating days OshO Musha_Kuchimoto

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A present-day armor that is reproduced by a state-of-the-art metal 3D printer

The second installment of “OshO”, “Musha_Kuchimoto”, is an item
that creates a stir to our everyday suffocating life with a mask.
The shape is similar to Japanese ancient military armor, and protects our body
from the virus in a comfortable way. It is truly a present-day armor.
It is usable simply by putting it on the inner side of the mask.
Breathing and conversation become considerably easier.
We absolutely recommend this item to the people who are struggling in the present society.

ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING 3D layer molding technology
A product for spending a comfortable life with a mask Under-Mask Metal Holders
The holder is named after the shape of an ancient Japanese military armor (“Musha”).
The product has several attractive points.
It has a unique shape (design) that can only be achieved by a metal 3D printer,
it preserves the comfortability of "Kuchimoto", weighs only 11 grams,
is able to firmly fix the mask with a thin frame, and can be molded into one shape
which is only possible with a metal 3D printer.
  • By easily fitting the mask on the hook, it is possible to make a comfortable space for the mouth.
  • Due to the 3D design, stability is excellent despite having a thin frame.
  • There will be no stress even when the mask is out of alignment.
  • It doesn’t stand out as only the hook can be seen from the outside.
  • Because it has a weight of only 11 grams, it remains comfortable even when wearing it for long periods of time.
  • It has a modeling beauty that was made possible only by using a metal 3D printer.
  • Because ion plating processing is applied on the surface of stainless steel material, besides the beautifulness, the degree of safety at the time of use is also taken into consideration.


Ion plating processing

Ion plating consists of surface treatment with abrasion resistant coating. Because of excellent adhesion and the possibility to form a hard membrane, ion plating processed materials are resistant to abrasion, abrasion peeling, and have excellent corrosion resistance and weather resistance. It is a surface processing technology used for faucet parts and medical equipment.

An optimal package for exchanging gifts

An optimal package for exchanging gifts

The product is packaged in a black checkered patterned box that has an orange line which catches the eye and that carries a feeling of high luxury. The checkered pattern is patterned after stone pavements that continue until far away without interruption, and has been loved as a symbol of “prosperity” since ancient times.
This simple repeating also exists in a digital pattern, and expresses the fusion between traditional technology and digital technology. The package is also equipped with a mechanism that can be used as a display, therefore the package can be used even after purchase.

【Development background】 While our company has been engaged in the metal manufacturing industry for a long time, we furthermore installed a state-of-the-art metal 3D printer in order to challenge the possibilities of metal. Because we want more and more people to know about this wonderful manufacturing technology, we aimed to challenge genres that we haven’t been involved with before, therefore we launched “OshO”, a design miscellaneous goods brand that pursues artistry. 【Summary of the product】 “Musha_Kuchimoto” is the second item of ”OshO”, the design miscellaneous goods brand that pursues the possibilities of metal 3D printers. Suitable as a second installment, in continuation of the first installment item “Syuki”, the shape of the old Japanese military armor is expressed by the beautiful modeling of metal 3D printing. This shape creates a space with the mask and produces a comfortable "Kuchimoto". We made the shape into a unique attraction that can only be expressed by a metal 3D printer, and we made full use of modeling knowledge to give it a measuring taste. It is a product unique to our company, which is displayed as “the refuge of metal manufacturing ®”, and has a high level of metal manufacturing knowledge.
We developed this product aiming to make the suffocating life with a mask a little bit more comfortable, as well as to make both breathing and conversation easy. The appearance, reminiscent of the armor of the Sengoku era, has naturally come into shape while pursuing an ideal structure. We want people who are struggling in the current society to use our product as a weapon to fight the virus.
It is a domestic product, and ion plating processing is applied on the surface, therefore the degree of safety at the time of use is carefully taken into consideration.